Solution Focused Therapy Liverpool

Solution Focused Therapy

If you don’t relish the idea of digging back into upsetting moments from your past, then Solution Focused Therapy might be for you.

In Solution Focused Therapy the healing happens by making changes towards the future you want.

Solution Focused psychotherapists don’t group people together based on symptoms or history. This is because even people with the same history want different futures from each other.

In Solution Focused Therapy the key questions are future facing, building the life that you most want to live.

Because of this, it is often quicker at achieving results. It is also deeply healing.

Philosophically, Solution Focused psychotherapists know that change is happening all the time. Some days are a little better than others, and in those better moments are the seeds of your healing.

Even people with deep trauma find this approach transformational.

If you would like Solution Focused Therapy in Liverpool or online then get in touch to book a session.

To read more about Solution Focused Therapy, you can click here to read a free article on the website of Alun Parry, the Director of The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice.