Self Sacrifice

Important message for you if you keep putting yourself last

Do you put your own needs last so keep missing out on what you most want? Do you find it hard to say no and assert your own boundaries? Is it your job to rescue everyone and fix everyone else’s problems? Do you find it hard to say what you want and need? Do you feel burned out and resentful?

How would you like to work one-on-one with a master therapist and have him help you to:

  • Get your needs met
  • Look after yourself well
  • Feel happy and satisfied with life
  • Have enough time and headspace for your own goals and passions
  • Feel comfortable sharing with others what you would like
  • Be able to say no and feel good about it
  • Take control of your life, your future and your time
  • Reach your own fullest potential

Alun Parry here.

I’ve helped many people like you to overcome the burdens of self-sacrifice and over-responsibility – and without spending years in therapy.

Starting today, I’d like to work with you one-to-one.

I’ll help you get clear on the life you dream of. I’ll show you how to connect to your own goals and values and know what your own needs are. I’ll help you discover what stops you from resigning the role of rescuer, and put it right so that you can. I’ll show you how you can be a resource to others without being responsible for them. I’ll help you to notice what’s not okay for you, and draw that boundary.

Once we are clear about what to do, I’ll show you the strategies and tactics I use to help people overcome self-sacrifice. You’ll discover exactly what worked for my previous clients who successfully learned how to achieve this change and created a happier, more fulfilled life.

You can get 1-to-1 private therapy with me to help you meet your own needs and follow your own passions and dreams.

Simply pick a date that suits you and let’s get started.