Relationship Problems

Important message for you if you are struggling with relationship problems

Do you keep having the same problems over and over again in relationships?

Do you sense that criticism and harsh words hurt you more than other people? Do you find it hard to relax in relationships? Are you always expecting that you’ll end up getting hurt or rejected? Do you fear that your partner won’t treat you well? Are your relationships filled with drama and anxiety? Are your relationships caught in a cycle of breakup/get back together?

How would you like to work one-on-one with a master therapist and have him help you to:

  • Have relationships that are peaceful and nourishing
  • Be able to feel calm even when there is a disagreement
  • Lessen your sensitivity to hurt so you don’t feel so emotionally sunburned
  • Feel confident of your value to your partner
  • Be able to easily repair ruptures in your relationship so the love lasts
  • Change your attachment style so that you are securely attached

Alun Parry here.

I’ve helped many people like you to overcome relationship difficulties – and without spending years in therapy. What’s more, it is an approach that works best without needing to bring your partner.

Starting today, I’d like to work with you one-to-one.

I’ll help you discover your own attachment style and how it gets in the way of your relationships. I’ll help you to learn how to change your sense of safety within relationships. I’ll guide you through exercises that ensure that you feel safe and valued in relationships, and to choose partners who are good for you.

I’ll help you to move from your current attachment style so you become securely attached. Secure attachment is the attachment style of the most optimal relationships. You will notice that you feel calm and loved even in those moments when your partner is upset with you.

Once we are clear about what to do, I’ll show you the strategies and tactics I use to help people overcome these kinds of relationship problems. You’ll experience the exact same methods that worked for my previous clients who successfully changed their attachment style and had fulfilling, happy relationships.

You can get 1-to-1 private therapy with me to get rid of these relationship problems once and for all.

Simply pick a date that suits you and let’s get started.