Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory In Psychotherapy

Polyvagal Theory was developed by Dr Stephen Porges and has become deeply important to how we do psychotherapy at The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice.

Porges was not a psychotherapist but a medical researcher working with very young babies.

His research was to assess how our nervous systems work. During these studies he came up with a great discovery that revolutionised the way that we understand safety.

The Polyvagal Theory is essentially the science of safety.

It has a huge impact on how we work with people who suffer with anxiety and depression.

It also impacts the way we think of couple therapy.

Yet most psychotherapists have never heard of it.

Imagine if you simply felt safe when there was no real threat. Think of what would be different in your life just from that one shift.

When we feel safe, our stories about ourselves and the world change. A lot of psychotherapy focuses on changing our story. Yet the stories change by themselves when we feel safe.

The insights of Polyvagal Theory help us to better understand how to invite that sense of safety.