Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Marshall Rosenberg was a psychotherapist from Chicago. He pioneered Nonviolent Communication as a way for us to get our needs met. It is an approach so powerful that he used it across the world in some of the most dangerous war zones.

Marshall believed that whenever we are feeling emotions that bring us down, the reason is because we have needs that are not being met.

Once we know those needs, we can come up with ways to meet them.

Therapy that incorporates NVC is interested in helping you identify those unmet needs.

It also answers that frustration of “why am I feeling like this?!”

Nonviolent Communication is useful in couple therapy too. It helps people share their needs rather than their judgements and blame.

Marshall said that every judgement is a tragic expression of an unmet need. Tragic because it makes the other person much less likely to want to meet that need for you.

By learning to simply share what we need, and learning how to hear the needs of others, we can create relationships where everybody wins.