Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy was developed by an Australian psychotherapist named Michael White.

Like Solution Focused Therapy, it sees the client as heroic and capable.

It takes the view that everyone has multiple, often contradictory, stories that we carry around with us.

I remember one person tell me how bad they were at job interviews. Yet I was giving them therapy at their workplace, so they’d clearly passed an interview already. It’s a lovely example of two stories sitting side by side, yet only one being noticed.

Narrative Therapy seeks to thicken those missed yet more helpful stories.

Narrative Therapy also uses a very powerful approach when it comes to the kind of long standing beliefs that keep on getting in your way.

When using this technique, the psychotherapist will ask you to think of the problem holding you back as a make-believe person or creature – something external to you.

Then we get curious about it, as if we were investigative reporters doing a story on it.

The problem switches from being something you “have” to something that you have a relationship with.

As well as learning a lot about it, your therapist will help you to understand how to gain the upper hand over this gremlin.

The result is that you get in control. It no longer gets in the way of the life you want.