Human Givens

Human Givens Psychotherapy

Human Givens has a lot in common with Nonviolent Communication as it is also a needs focused form of psychotherapy.

It takes the view that there are certain universal human needs – human givens – that we need to thrive.

When we are in emotional distress or our mental health is challenged, psychotherapists using the Human Givens model will focus on what essential emotional needs are not being met.

By the same token, Human Givens takes the view that we have innate resources and abilities.

When our needs are met and our resources are used well, we will be emotionally and mentally healthy.

As an example, we have the resource of imagination. When it is used well it is phenomenally useful and life enriching. When we use it less helpfully, it can conjure up all sorts of potential catastrophes that have us too afraid to engage with life.

The goal of a Human Givens psychotherapist is to restore these resources and help you find ways to better meet your needs.