How To Win At Life

How To Win At Life

When it comes to winning, ask a sports person. What happens to a coach whose team doesn’t win? They get fired. Sports coaches spend all their time studying how best to win.

Watch any sports event and you’ll find coaches as pundits. You’ll hear them say the same phrase, whatever the sport.

“Winning is a habit.”

When a team goes on a winning streak, they gain a confidence that makes their next win more likely. They claim the identity of winner.

When we want to win at life (and who doesn’t), we too must develop a habit of winning.

But how?

By starting so small that it guarantees a win.

When you set your next goal, you get to decide what counts as a win. Make that goal something different to how things usually are. There needs to be some growth built in.

But make it something that you know, with absolute certainty, that you can do.

It might be a long way off the change you ultimately want. That’s okay. Be patient with yourself.

The point is to develop the habit of winning. To become the person who shows up each day and wins.

Each day that you win, set a fresh goal. Again, have a little growth built in, but only a little. Every step forward still needs to be one that you can do.

If ever you don’t make it, go back to the last win you had and repeat that. Get back into the winning habit.

We can set overwhelming goals. Then we try to turn it into a habit.

We set ourselves up to fail. Then we give up.

But doing that thing is not the habit you need.

Winning is the habit.

Start small. Choose something you know you can achieve. Make winning become your habit.

See what difference it makes.

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