Fear Of Judgement and People Pleasing

Important message for you if you focus your attention on pleasing and appeasing others

Does it feel crushing when others disapprove of you? Do you get bent out of shape trying to please others? Do you lose yourself in the process? Do you clip your own wings and hide who you are for fear of others judging or ridiculing you?

How would you like to work one-on-one with a master therapist and have him help you to:

  • Get validation internally rather than from others
  • Feel safe to openly share your personality, even the quirky parts
  • Find your own tribe of people just like you
  • Be able to assert your boundaries
  • Handle unkind people with self confidence
  • Feel fundamentally happy with who you are
  • Feel safe when interacting with others
  • Take opportunities and live to your fullest potential

Alun Parry here.

I’ve helped many people like you to overcome the fear of judgement – and without spending years in therapy.

Starting today, I’d like to work with you one-to-one.

I’ll help you get clear on the life you want and the values you hold dear. I’ll help you to feel safe and confident with other people. You will learn how to confidently handle the few who don’t deserve your trust. I’ll show you how to feel so okay with yourself that you no longer need other people to validate you. You’ll learn how to be who you are in the world, without self-editing.

Once we are clear about what to do, I’ll show you the strategies and tactics I use to help people live as their fullest selves. You’ll discover exactly what worked for my previous clients who successfully achieved this change.

You can get 1-to-1 private therapy with me to live life as the real wonderful you once and for all.

Simply pick a date that suits you and let’s get started.