Removes Childhood Trauma

As a child, was home a scary place for you? I help you to move from survival mode into fully living. Let's put an end to shame, depression, anxiety, self editing, low self esteem, critical self talk and broken relationships. 

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If home was a scary place

When you were little, your home felt unsafe and frightening. Danger wasn't a one-off. The threat was always there. There was either danger, or waiting for danger.

You were a child, so there's no way you could have stopped it. But that doesn't stop you feeling guilty and resentful, even now.

It impacts you to this day. You can feel down or anxious. Situations that feel safe for others don't feel safe for you.

On Guard

You'd love to bring people closer. But you notice that you keep them at arms length. Your guard is up, understandably. But it means you can often feel lonely and isolated.

Your need for safety and to protect yourself from danger can get in the way of a fulfilling life. Especially if mixed with low self worth.

Even when things are going well, you expect the good times to be taken away again - just like when you were little.


It affects relationships, because you find it hard to relax and have faith that they'll last. You are always waiting for it to come crashing down, or to be rejected all of a sudden.

Things hurt your heart more than most. You feel sensitive to harsh words and put downs.

Perhaps you tend to put yourself second too. You're used to the needs of others being more important than your own. So you don't push for what you need.

Then you miss out once more, and you feel hurt and resentful all over again.

You want to matter

You want to get your needs met at last. You want to feel safe and be happy. You want the past to stop messing with your adult life.

You have carried this for so long. You deserve for this to change. But talking to others is hard. Unless they went through it too, they can't fully understand. And part of you feels ashamed somehow.

You feel scared that the pain runs too deep for you. You're worried that you're "too damaged." You fear that there's no hope for you. That this pain is what you're stuck with. That there's just too much to be healed.


Even the prospect of healing is scary.

So you feel stuck, despite your best efforts. You want to put this burden down and move on without it. But you wonder if that's even possible.

Let me reassure you

I understand what you're going through because I've been there too.

You're not alone with these feelings. More than 1 in 7 adults lived in scary homes as children, just like you did. Your feelings are completely normal given what you experienced at such a young age. 

And here's the good news

If you lived through this when you were young, you no longer have to live with the effects of it today.

I know there are many proven ways to help you heal and reshape your life, without medication. There is a different way to heal that removes childhood trauma for good. That's what I specialise in.

The Neuroscience Breakthrough That Changes Everything

Did you know that you were born with the ability to remove the effects of trauma? Your brain naturally has this ability. The old idea that we were stuck with our trauma is not true.

Thanks to a recent breakthrough in neuroscience, we now know that the brain has a way to remove the distress from traumatic events. It happens naturally. Moreover, we even know the exact steps the brain needs to remove trauma distress.

My therapy approach has been specially designed to match these steps. It gives your brain exactly what it needs to remove your trauma, as if by magic.

Everything changes in your life. No more "coping" with trauma. Simply gone - forever.

You are powerful

You really are. More so than most. You have developed amazing gifts and superpowers that helped you survive that environment. Any little child who overcame what you did is a hero.

You don't have to do this on your own

I'd like to help you unlock that heroism to lead the life that you want, free of the impact of the past.

Liverpool Psychotherapist and Counsellor Alun Parry

Watch the video to have me walk you through the 3 steps of the process:

Client Testimonials

Details and names removed to protect confidentiality

I nearly didn't go...

I nearly didn't go to therapy. I told myself that I'm not really struggling and others have it worse. But I found a safe space where I can talk and confront issues and emotions.

There are lots of techniques that are available so if one doesn't work we would just try another that did. So I never felt a failure. It was a learning experience.

It was helpful to have an impartial ear on things, to get a different perspective, and validation. I'd happily recommend Alun to others. He's a great therapist. I feel listened to.

I feared it would be hard or painful...

I was apprehensive that therapy would be hard or painful. Instead, I found it was such a positive experience. There was only one time I was upset out of 10 sessions but I felt very supported and Alun helped me feel in control. It was up to me to say as little or as much as I felt comfortable with.

I liked feeling safe. I looked forward to the session. I made real progress for me in the way that I wanted.

I am now more proactive in choosing what I want to do and making it happen. I'm happier. Life feels less of a struggle. I'm making choices for me, instead of everyone else, which is what I wanted to achieve.

I would definitely recommend Alun. He has a way of helping you think about things in a different way. It's a subtle rejigging, so your mind is set to achieve what you want without it being hard. The solutions are there and you are able to see them more clearly. It makes you happier.

I've felt really blessed to have found Alun. He is kind, supportive, intuitive and his positivity makes you feel good. He encourages and applauds your progress. He has a good sense of humour and makes the sessions enjoyable.

Would he understand and be flexible?

Before coming to therapy I worried whether my therapist would understand my issues and if they would have a flexible approach.

But Alun was amazing. He has that natural aura that eases your concerns. He was understanding, attentive and had a genuine interest.

I'd 1,000% recommend him. I've seen no less than 15 therapists in my time and Al is without doubt the best I've seen.

Are my issues valid?

I felt foolish about going to therapy as I was worried about wasting someone's time. I found that my issues are valid, they are not foolish, and are being addressed.

Alun is very approachable and listens to you. He has a way of picking up on things that I wouldn't notice myself.

I have gained confidence, self worth and acceptance.

I have already recommended Alun to others. I've seen a few counsellors but Alun is by far the best. He just gets you.

Alun has helped me massively. I will be forever grateful for his guidance and patience.

I was concerned that therapy wouldn't help me...

I was concerned that therapy wouldn't help me and that I didn't really need it. I wondered whether my problems were too trivial for therapy.

I instantly felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and a confidence that my problems could be worked through – and that they were valid problems.

Alun is very approachable and I feel 100% comfortable talking about any issues that I have. He makes you feel understood and he validates my thoughts and feelings.

I got acceptance and a safe environment where I can speak without any judgement. I have a better understanding of my feelings and emotions, and where they stem from.

I have told a lot of my friends about Alun and could not recommend him highly enough.

In my younger years I have had some experience with counsellors that were often negative. Al offers a comfortable and safe environment where you feel willing to speak openly.

Al is also happy to sit and listen. I have found that other counsellors have projected onto me. But Al takes the time to listen and understand.

I didn't know what to expect...

I didn't know what to expect from therapy. But once I started I found myself looking forward to the sessions. I liked just how relaxed and calm Al is as a person. He makes you feel the same way.

I am now more confident, more positive, and have learned not to be as hard on myself.

I would recommend him 100% as he has helped me a lot, and I can really see a difference in myself.

I feel a lot more confident. I see things differently. I don't get stressed out all the time like I used to. I see things in a more positive way, not just the negative in everything.

I feel I can talk about anything big or small without judgement. I feel really comfortable talking to Al. Going to therapy is the best thing I decided to do for myself. I highly recommend him.

I was worried about the stigma...

I was worried about the stigma related to seeing a therapist. Once I started coming, I wished I had started sooner. Al is really welcoming and understanding. I felt really comfortable from the start of the very first session.

I liked his ability to help me understand my own thoughts and emotions in a simple and informative way. Also, Al's techniques were really helpful and practical for me to use.

I feel more confident, more mindful and happier.

I would recommend his 100%. Al has helped me through severe anxiety. He is a genuine, honest and caring person. His techniques were tailored to me and they are practical to implement in real life.

Al is a life saver! He has helped change my life. I will be forever grateful for the time I have spent with him.

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Break free from survival mode

People with our history live in survival mode. 

You're on edge, your body is stressed, you're hyper alert, and feel sensitive to emotional pain. You still live according to beliefs and behaviours that were designed just to get you through. To survive. 

And that meant limiting you, out of necessity. You were smart enough to figure out that there were certain things that it wasn't safe to do.

So you created a survival mode version of you. And it worked. You did get through it. You did survive. That's a huge achievement in itself.

But now, you're still in survival mode. So you miss out on fully living. You still edit yourself. You still have your guard up.

You're still focused on survival rather than living. Even if your situation is much safer now than it was back then. (Or if it isn't safer, maybe you notice that old, scary dynamic keeps showing up in your adult life too and you want it to change.)

It's like the war is over and you are still living on rations. You deserve better than rations. You've had enough of it being this way.

The past that you somehow got through is still shaping how you live today. How you view yourself. What you allow yourself to do and feel. Whether you allow yourself to put your needs first.

It's time to take back control of your life. That's why you are reading this after all. It's time that you experience fully living.

You deserve to reach your true potential. To have nourishing, loving relationships. To feel secure and at peace. To get what you truly want, rather than what merely gets you through.

To thrive. To enjoy life. To like who you are. To know and feel that you deserve good things.

To move from survival mode to fully living.

A sought after therapist who has provided psychology and therapy services to

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As a child, was home a scary place?

I help you to make sure that the past no longer gets in the way of your future. 

It's not our fault what happens to us as children. Why should that child still be suffering now? 

If your childhood home was a scary place, we work together to overcome that history.

I help you find a sense of safety in life. I help you to live happily with ease and peace. I help you build the loving relationships you crave. And I help you create a life that you enjoy.

Why I specialise in helping you

I specialise in working with people who grew up in homes that often felt scary or less than safe.

Why? It's my history too. I know what it's like, and I know the impact it has.

So I help others with your history who are struggling with the impact of the past.

I know how it impacts relationships. I know how it impacts your sense of yourself. I know it creates guilt and feelings of shame. I understand how you put the needs of others before your own.

It produces depression and anxiety. It makes sleep harder. It impacts your body in terms of tension and cortisol overload. You are never fully at rest because you feel hyper alert. It's painful. 

It takes up vital energy that could be used to create loving relationships and pursue your true potential.

Imagine who you would be and the life you would lead if this was no longer on your back. 

What happens to us as children is not our fault. So it's time to stop that same child from still having to suffer even today.

You deserve a different future from the pain of the past. I help you create that future so you can enjoy life with peace and ease and fulfilment. 

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Changes your life for the better

Every week, my clients move from survival mode to fully living. 

They overcome things like depression, shame, that critical voice that bullies you, the self editing that you did to survive, the anxiety, the impact on your self esteem, the way it gets in the way of relationships. 

I help you to :

  • change the old beliefs and self talk into new, healthy ones; 
  • map out the future that you really want so you have a positive, clear direction of travel
  • create the permissions you need to be fully allowed to enjoy life
  • soothe the fears that act as a barrier to casting off the past
  • heal the pain and the physical, triggered responses to the past
  • reclaim emotions that weren't allowed or safe to show back then
  • put yourself first so your needs get met
  • finally gain a sense of safety and security. 

In other words, moving from survival mode to living as your fullest self. 

Whats more, you experience some deeper benefits too.

Like being able to focus on your career and what you want to do in life so you can earn more and live better. Not sabotaging yourself when things are going well so the good things last for you. 

Being able to sustain loving nourishing relationships. Feeling calm and content. Feeling safe and at peace. Enjoying life. Feeling free. 

That brings physical benefits too. Getting rid of that tense, stressed body and putting a relaxed, easy body in its place. Lower blood pressure. Better digestion. Better sleep, with all the benefits that that brings. 

And simply feeling safe at last.

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What Other Therapists Say About Alun

Alun taught me some of his ideas. I tried them with a client. It was transformational and had a real impact on her life.

Louise bellamy


Alun’s teaching was extremely helpful for the client in question. An excellent masterclass.

byron athene


I am greatly encouraged by the way Alun weaves methods into the larger quest for memory reconsolidation.

kevan owen


The technique Alun shared with me is fast and can get results in a matter of weeks. I’m a real advocate of it. It’s a fantastic tool and I highly recommend it.

sandra burlace


Alun is really inspiring and a real role model. I have learnt so much from him. He is so good at what he does, so knowledgeable, so skilled.



I used Alun's protocol and, in the end, my client reported no distress. I was blown away. I've never come across that before.

BEVErly kidd


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Get Results Sooner

I know that you want life to get better quickly. So I specialise in therapy methods that bring change as fast as possible.

Change That Lasts

My approach is designed to deliver lasting, transformational change - and to do it as quickly as we can.

Tailored To You

I tailor your therapy to what you most need.

I use a range of effective, evidence based approaches that give you the best treatment and the speediest change.. 

Less Means More

I see no more than 8 private clients a week, so I can give maximum attention to you.

My mind can focus on you between sessions too, resulting in quicker change for you.

What's RIGHT With You

Few therapists ask this question. Yet using the strengths that you already have means that change can happen more quickly, as it builds on what is already there..

A Respected, Sought After Therapist

I am the presenter of the acclaimed, 5 star rated psychology podcast A Slice Of Therapy.

I am the developer of The DIP Loop Method - a way of treating anxiety and other issues.

I have provided psychological support to staff and stakeholders at global companies, universities, and major government departments.

Bottom line - It Works!

Therapy is proven. It works.  My approach brings you all the benefits of therapy, but without the long slog that often comes with it. So you can get on with your life sooner.

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Professional, Qualified Therapist

 Alun Parry is a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy, and has been verified as a professional, qualified therapist by Psychology Today.

Liverpool Psychotherapy Alun Parry BACP Registered Member
Liverpool Psychotherapy Alun Parry Verified by Psychology Today

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It's good to ask questions before starting therapy

What does therapy work for?

Therapy helps with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, trauma, relationship issues, panic attacks, stress, self harm, shame, guilt, limiting beliefs and many other issues that stem from being raised in a home that didn't feel safe for you..

How are you different from other therapists?

First, I specialise in and share your history. As a result, you'll notice that I already get you and I get what you're still going through.

I also specialise in trauma removal. I don't want you to merely manage your trauma. My approach removes it and is consistent with recent breakthroughs in neuroscience.

I use a "what's right with you" approach that highlights your many strengths and resources. This is more important than it first seems. You deserve respect and to be valued for who you are and what you have been through.

Will you judge me and think I'm crazy?

Not at all. What you will discover is that the thing getting in your way makes sense given what you have gone through. We all have defences and they are a sign of our genius, not a sign of craziness. Understanding how they make sense for you is key to the change you want.

Have a specific question?

You can email me personally at [email protected]

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ALUN PARRY  //  Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Al.

If you’re needing someone caring and skilled to support you through this important change, I’m here to help you.

There is nothing more satisfying for me than seeing you start living the life you truly want.

You've already made that first step by visiting here. I will guide you with care through the next steps. 

I’m friendly, approachable and bring a sense of humour and hope to our work together.

You deserve help and support. You don’t have to make these changes alone. I’m here to help support you on your journey towards the future you want.

Alun Parry

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A Bit About Me

So here's a bit about me, the person, so you can see whether I'm someone you'd enjoy working with.

Before I was a therapist, I was an award winning musician, singer and songwriter - something I still do in my own time.

I am the Founder and Life President of non-league football club AFC Liverpool, which is owned and run by its own supporters.

I'm a comedy lover - everything from stand up to slapstick. Favourites include Laurel & Hardy, Peep Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I used to run the improvised theatre company Proper Made Up. We made up entire plays unscripted on the spot based on the audience's suggestion.

Other than that I love books and I often listen to podcasts.

In terms of personality, my friends know me for my creativity, humour, kindness, warmth, a willingness to think differently from the crowd, and for what one friend described as my "stubborn integrity".

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You can email me personally at [email protected]

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