Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a kind of mindfulness version of CBT.

As with all of the therapies used at The Liverpool Psychotherapy Practice, it doesn’t treat people as wrong or incapable.

Instead, it focuses on developing your values so that you know what is truly valuable to you in life.

It explores the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that have you do self soothing behaviours instead of going after the things you really want.

These self soothing behaviours can be things like staying away from people, drinking, overeating, self harming. Your own self soothing behaviours will be unique to you. Yet soon, we do them on autopilot without thinking. It becomes a cycle.

Yet they only soothe us for a moment. At best, we feel sad and disappointed soon after as we have missed out on what we truly wanted from life again. At worst, we miss out and also bear the cost of doing something that harms us.

The “solution” to our discomfort becomes a problem in itself.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps us switch off the autopilot. It helps us learn how to handle the feelings of discomfort so that we can give up the self soothing actions and instead move towards the things most important to us.