A Guide To Therapy By Phone Or Video

We offer therapy exclusively by telephone or video using Zoom.

What You Need

  • a phone, tablet or computer

online psychotherapy

Are Video Calls and Phone Calls As Effective?

The short answer – yes, very much so.

I work with many clients this way already and they love it. It is just as effective and connecting as in person.

Research backs this up. For instance, a 2014 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that online treatment is just as effective. An earlier study by Germaine et al in 2010 reached the same conclusion.

So you get the same outcome, yet with many benefits too.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Less Hassle

There is no travel to and from sessions.

That means less time taken out of your day, no traffic hassles, no parking fees, and no public transport costs.

So it’s so much easier to fit your sessions into a busy day, and saves money too.

Also, if you ever get emotional during a session you won’t have to then go straight out into the street and face passers-by. You can look after yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Liverpool Psychotherapist and Counsellor Alun Parry

I’ve been working this way with many clients for some time – even before the pandemic.

To be fair, when I first started doing phone calls and video sessions many years ago, I too was doubtful if it would offer the same level of connection as in person.

Happily, I found that it absolutely does. It’s a really enjoyable way to work together. In fact, it offers a range of benefits too.

During the pandemic, everyone switched to online therapy and my clients love the convenience of it. It shows how effective it is that almost everyone prefers online therapy to the old way of doing it.