9 Ways To Beat Depression

How to stop depression from stealing
your days

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Tired of losing day after day to depression?

Aren't you tired of losing day after day to depression? Don't you wish you had an arsenal of techniques to get rid of it - and get your life back?

In this practical, action packed course, 9 Ways To Beat Depression, I show you the techniques that have proven most effective in my own therapy practice. These are the very methods I use with my clients. Now I reveal them all to you.

9 Ways To Beat Depression

9 Ways To Beat Depression is your practical guide on how to stop depression stealing your days. This is NOT one of those overwhelming, unfinishable courses. It is designed to be completed. it is a programme of actionable, life enhancing information and exercises.

Part 1 focuses on how to find safety, building on new insights into the workings of the nervous system. I'll show you practical techniques for building this knowledge into your everyday life to help you stay depression free.

Part 2 shows you a set of methods for finding your own power. Did you know that there are tools and strategies that are proven to work for you? They are right under your nose, yet you're probably overlooking them. 

Part 3 leads you into techniques that help you find peace from depression, to live a fulfilling life. Imagine if you could get to the root of depression. This section shows you how to understand your depression so well that you take control of it to send it on its way.

Depression is a debilitating thief that steals your time, your motivation and your connection with others. It's time to discover some new ways to beat it once and for all. 

What You Get

58 page illustrated course manual
22 practical, powerful exercises
65 audio files
The official course workbook

8 in-depth course meditations

Course Manual

The course manual has been designed to be concise and to the point. I know that you don't want something that is hard to complete. You want the information that will help you.

The course manual is divided into three sections.

Part 1: Finding Safety

Part 2: Finding Power

Part 3: Finding Peace

Each section is fully illustrated with diagrams and cartoons to keep it easy on the eye - and even easier on the brain. Yet the content is powerful and life changing. Each section leads you to powerful, life changing exercises and thought experiments.

Remember, these are the same methods I use with my own private clients in my psychotherapy practice. Now they are available to you.

22 Practical, Powerful Exercises

These 22 exercises are a practical system for overcoming depression.

Each exercise is powerful yet bite-sized. Like the rest of the programme, it is deliberately designed to remove overwhelm so you can learn and do.

This course leads you step by step through these life changing exercises, as each builds upon the last.

65 High Quality Audio Files

Not a reader? Not a problem! If you prefer to learn through your ears then this is the course for you. Let me talk you through the ideas and exercises in these beautifully presented audio files.

Each is professionally studio recorded to give you the very best listening experience. They are an ideal way to learn and refresh the ideas within the course. Each audio is only a few minutes long to help you make progress - even when time is short.

You can listen anywhere - in the car, on a walk, or whatever you happen to be doing. 

Official Course Workbook

The Official Course Workbook provides you with a structured way to think through the exercises. It breaks down every exercise into each digestible step. Use the official course workbook to guide you through each exercise to completion.  

8 In Depth Guided Exercise Meditations

The written word has its limits when helping you actually DO the exercises. It can all get a bit left brain. So for each course exercise, I will guide you through as if sat with you. These meditations are tailored to each exercise.

By listening to each meditation, you will get a clearer sense of the power of each approach. These studio recorded audios are the perfect companion to the official course workbook. They allow you to put down your pen and let my voice take the strain for you. Simply close your eyes and let me guide you through.

My 100% Life Time Guarantee To You

As you seek solutions for your depression, I don't want you to take any risks. I am so confident that this programme will help you, that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. If this course doesn't help, I don't want you to pay for it. Simple as that. You can get your money back at any time for any reason - AND keep the course.  

money back



100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Help With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you regret buying this book, you can get a full refund. AND keep the book. Just let me know.

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9 Ways To Beat Depression

How to stop depression from stealing
your days

Image for illustration purposes - this is a digital product

Get on the Waiting List

This limited self study course will next be available later in the year. (For more about the course programme, see above.)

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