266: INTERVIEW – Tweak Your Way to Stress Free Freedom with John Lamerton

This episode is a special one. It’s the first interview on the show – and it’s a good un. I’m speaking to business author and coach John Lamerton. John is “a normal bloke from Plymouth” who quit his £10,000 a year job in the civil service to set up a business.
This episode is as much about life as business – and he shares some great strategies on how to do it stress-free. He shares how to make it much more achievable than you ever thought possible through his system of simultaneous tweaks.
You can find John at https://bigidea.co.uk where John runs his One Per Cent Club – and where you can find out more about his great books Big Ideas For Small Businesses and Routine Machine.
Want a FREE download to 6 of John’s best tips from the show? Get it from https://asliceoftherapy.com/john

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